Ring lost in creek in 1983, found and returned to rightful owner

NOW: Ring lost in creek in 1983, found and returned to rightful owner

EDWARDSBURG, Mich -- What was lost has now been found!

Call it a miracle or simply meant to be.

When Teri Hunsberger shared a certain Facebook post regarding a lost high school class ring, she could have never imagined it would lead her to the ring bearer.

But nearly 650 shares later the missing ring is now back in the hands of it's rightful owner.

A year and half after graduating from Penn High school in 1982, Ron McNeil visited the Redfield Bucklen Landing, just outside Edwardsburg, to fish with some friends.

“I knew I had lost it here but I knew I couldn’t find it. A friend of mine came fishing here. We went up that way and down that way. We got done fishing at the end of the day and it wasn’t on my finger,” said McNeil.

It was heartbreaking for the then 19-year-old, who was given the ring as a gift from his grandmother.

“Only to have it for a year and half and to lose it. I thought I would never ever see it again,” said McNeil.

That is until Hunsberger decided to go kayaking at the same location on July 28th.

“I brought my mom and my daughter kayaking and lots of people kayak here all the time. It was just a normal day. And I bent down over here to hold the kayak and I put one foot in the water and I had bent down to hold it. I saw something sticking above the sand there. I could tell it was curved, maybe a ring, so I reached down and grabbed it,” sid Hunsberger.

What she had found was indeed a class ring with an inscription of the year, 1982, and the initials RGM.

“I thought this would be fun trying to find the owner,” said Hunsberger.

So the search was on.

Teri took to Facebook to somehow see, if 34 years later, anyone knew the rightful owner of the ring.

“It was shared so many times in the first hour that my phone just going off with notifications and people looking it up in the Penn High School yearbook).

After nearly 650 shares and just two hours later, a surprise.

“A friend of my sisters sent me the post that she had posted, and then my sister sent it to me and asked me if that was my ring,” said McNeil.

Which brings us to Tuesday, August 8, 34 years since Ron lost his class ring; there was a meeting which was meant to be.

“It’s truly amazing that you found it in the water. It’s just incredible,” said McNeil.

Maybe it was a miracle.

“After all this time, I wish my grandmother was alive so I could show it to her because she bought it for me. I know she knew I lost it. I really wish I could show it to her. But I do have this to remind me of her,” said McNeil.

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