Road work scheduled for the week of July 15 in St. Joseph County

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—Multiple areas will be impacted by road work in St. Joseph County during the week of July 15, according to the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Growth.

Road striping will be done between the hours of 6 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. It takes about three minutes for the paint to dry; therefore, crews will have signs stating “Paint crew Ahead,” two shadow vehicles marked with flashing lights, and signs that read “Wet Paint Do Not Pass.” Cones will block the start and end of freshly repainted lines.

The roads scheduled for road striping include:

  • Clover Road from Jackson Road to Mishawka
  • Ironwood Road from Kern Road to South Bend
  • Dogwood Road from Pierce Road to Osborne Road
  • Dogwood Road from Osborne Road to Kern Road
  • Elm Road from Layton Road to Kern Road
  • Juniper Road from Quinn Road to Osborne Road
  • Kenilworth Road from Rockstroh Road to New Road
  • Lake Trail from Lakeville to Shively Road
  • Leeper Road from SR 931 to Lilac Road
  • Lilac Road from Rankert Road to Leeper Road
  • Rankert Road from Lilac Road to Linden Road
  • Lilac Road – City of South Bend to State Line
  • Laurel Road – Darden to End of Road
  • Kenilworth Road – Cleveland Road to State Line
  • Hollyhock Road – Auten to State Line
  • Juniper Road - City of South Bend to Auten Road
  • Twyckenham Drive – City of South Bend to Douglas Road
  • Ivy Road – City of South Bend to Douglas Road
  • Emmons Road – Cleveland Road to Wembly Drive
  • Ironwood Road – City of South Bend to Cleveland Road
  • Grape Road – City of Mishawaka to Adams Road
  • Gumwood Road – City of Mishawaka to State Line

Chip sealing will be completed starting the week of July 15.  The roads will be closed for a two hours period while crews work. Detours will be posted when available.

The roads scheduled for chip sealing include:

  • Primrose Trail from Auten to Adams
  • Riley Road from Oak to Primrose
  • Oak Road from SR 4 to Osborne
  • Pine Road from New to Roosevelt
  • New Road from SR 23 to Oak
  • Myrtle Road from Kern to SR 23
  • Brush Trail from Redwood to Primrose
  • Redwood Road from Auten to Chicago Trail
  • Rosewood/Alden Roads from Chicago Trail to Redwood
  • Chicago Trail from Rosewood to State Line
  • Darden Road from Tamarack to Rosewood
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