Roller coaster weather patterns becoming more common

NOW: Roller coaster weather patterns becoming more common

Cold air is moving back into the area, and temperatures will be staying colder than normal for another week. Temperatures will be nearly 10 degrees colder than average on Monday. Highs will stay colder than normal through next Thursday, and then warm up a bit for next weekend.

This continues the roller coaster of weather we've been having, and a study by climate central shows that ups and downs in the temperature are becoming more common in recent years.

Take a look at this downward trend that accounts for the number of consecutive colder than normal days each winter since 1970. It shows us that the number of those consecutive cold days has been going down over the years. 

This means that the cold days we do have are being split up by warm days more often, hence, a more volatile weather for Michiana.

Volatile weather may be annoying, but on the warmer days, temperatures are going to be higher and higher over the next month. This seems as no surprise, but we are finally out of the grasp of winter. While we still have a month of winter left, average high temperatures are now rising at an exponential rate.

From late December to early February, the average high sits at 32 degrees, but the average is now starting to warm into the upper 30s and eventually 40s and 50s in March. Therefore, when temperatures go through the warm ups we have been experiencing at random, those temperatures will be higher and higher. Spring is coming!

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