Rollercoaster temps continue

We've seen our temperatures rise and fall rather dramatically over the last week and a half, from as warm as the upper 70s to as cool as the upper 50s. That could continue as we move through this transition season of Fall. Highs will likely climb into the lower 70s in time for the weekend, but another cold front could drop us back down into the upper 50s for next week.

Even the Climate Prediction Center has a tough time figuring out what our temperatures will look like for the end of the month. The center currently puts Michiana in the ambiguous gray category between above and below average areas, meaning that we have an equal chance of seeing above average, below average, or average highs.

But, we know that we will stay dry through the work week. Even after a rain chance this upcoming Sunday, we do have the chance staying on the dry side to warp up the month of October.

Lots of rain over the weekend but we've flipped the script for the work week.

We have received almost as much rainfall over the last weekend than the 43 days between September 1st and October 13th.

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