Rural Michiana communities receive federal transportation funding for road improvements

A number of rural Michiana communities will receive thousands of dollars for road and bridge improvements thanks to federal transportation funding through the Indiana Department of Transportation.

The following communities and projects in Michiana will get the money:

  • Fulton County - County Road 525 East over Tippecanoe River -- $1,802,400.00
  • Kosciusko County - Kosciusko County Bridge #139 - County Road 700 east over Eel River -- $3,911,200.00
  • LaGrange County - County Road 1175 East over Branch of Big Turkey Lake (Turkey Creek 219) -- $855,600.00
  • LaGrange County - Countywide Sign Replacement -- $2,854,800.00
  • LaPorte County - Bridge #214 is located on Range Road, 1/10 of a mile north of intersection of US 6 -- $1,271,115.76
  • Marshall County - Bridge #88 - West 12th Road over Yellow River -- $3,027,200.00

These communities submitted project applications to INDOT last fall for the potential funding.

Each year, INDOT sets aside approximately 25% of its federal highway funds to support local projects.

This year, the state received $127.6 million for 38 cities, towns and counties in the state's rural communities.

While the Metropolitan Planning Organizations choose which larger urbanized areas within Indiana receive funding, INDOT chooses which communities outside MPO areas will be supported financially through the federal funds.  

Communities have to be able to contribute at least 20% in local matching funds and meet other requirements to get the federal funding.

For this latest round of funding, communities will design, develop and buy land for projects that would be bid during the fiscal year that starts in July 2027.

Funding awarded right now is dedicated to construction but INDOT will financially assist in designing, engineering and right-of-way acquisitioning for some projects.

Click here to see all the communities receiving funding.

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