RV delivery drivers in high demand

NOW: RV delivery drivers in high demand

GOSHEN, Ind. -- If you are interested in going on road trips while making money--Bennett International Group LLC may have just the job for you.

The transportation company is currently looking to hire several drivers to help break up the high demand for various recreational vehicles.

“Were a transportation company," said Bob Leedy, Manager of Business Development for Bennett International Group LLC. "We deliver vehicles trailers, motor homes, trash trucks cement mixers, tractors anything you can drive.”

Bennett has been a Michiana company driving and dropping off goods for the past 46 years hauling everything from cement trucks, trash trucks, RV's, motor coaches and more.

“Majority of the towable are built right there in Elkhart land they pick them up there and bring them to the dealers across the states and Canada," said Tom Goodall with the group.

Which has seen an uptick in sales through the past several months during the pandemic.

“Theres definitely an increase in sales," said Leedy. "When they come to you and say it’s up 20 it’s up 25 percent they might be exaggerating a little but not a lot.”

But why buy an RV now?

"Theres your answer you can actually do something. I don’t know about you but my cruise got cancelled. It gives you some control and ability to go," said Leedy.

All with the appeal of personal safety as well.

“People are feeling why I can go to a state park or federal park and not worry about staying in a motel or anything I know my cleaning habits I can keep my self clean," said Goodall.

Cleanliness and health has been a huge push for the company to also entice drivers in and ease their worries as more and more drivers are needed to fill the growing demand.

“We’ve sent little care packages to all our drivers with gloves, mask, hand sanitizer," said Goodall.

"You don’t have to get out I guess you have to buy fuel you have to do the routine things," said Leedy. "You don’t have to be around people you are you are your own boss and that’s a big part of the appeal.”

If you are at least 23-years-old, have a large truck with towing capabilities you could be in the running to become a driver.

“Theres work for everybody right now," said Leedy. "And as this thing goes on it appears it’s going to get better you know as they say make hay when the sun shines.”

The opportunities in this job come as you make them, you can work as much or as little as you want while being able to physically distance yourselves from others unlike many other jobs. 

“You know some folks don’t want to come back out they aren’t ready to come out and take a chance," said Leedy. "They perceive it as a dangerous thing or whatever, some of those who drive for us. So that’s fine we don’t want anyone to get hurt and if you’re not comfortable don’t go. In the mean time we still have things we have to do so we’re hiring drivers. Those who are comfortable being out in the world come on down.”

If you are looking to sign up or read more on the specific requirements you can go to drive4bennett.com where there is contact information and sign up sheets to get your chance out on the open road.

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