Safe driving tips to avoid accidents on first encounter with snowy roads

Michigan State Police tells ABC57 accidents don’t surprise them at this time when streets like Pine Lake are covered in snow and ice. In order to stay safe they say make sure you leave the house with enough time, brake ahead of time and most importantly stay aware.

Tips come in handy when you’re driving down a road that hasn’t been cleaned yet. On Sunday snowy road conditions lead to an accident.

Around noon, police were called to a roll over crash on Pine Lake Street between Dailey and Conrad Road. Driving at just 30 MPH the back end of the four passenger's car started coming around causing them to roll over into a ditch.

Two of the women trapped inside the vehicle, are said to be fine. Only one was taken to the hospital.

“Just slow down take your time. Give yourself enough space between yourself and the next car. It’s definitely going to take you longer to stop when the roads are like this,” said Sergeant Ryan Schoonveld. “We’re expecting it, we’ve been waiting for it for a while and now that it’s here everyone has to remember to slow down and take your time.”

Sergeant Schoonveld says main streets get cleared up sooner, so drivers have to be extra cautious when driving on back roads. Stay with ABC57 News for all of your weather updates.


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