Safety tips for decorating this holiday season

GRANGER, Ind. -- A new report by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates there were 15,000 injuries involving holiday decorating last year.

ABC57 spoke with Bright Ideas Decorating owner Greg Bailey to get the dos and don’ts on decorating this season.

And he said holiday decorating can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, but there a few simple steps to stay safe.

“Well some advice I would give is to make sure your ladder is square against any building you put it against,” said Bailey.

He also said though it may be tempting, never lean around the ladder to try and reach something, because you can easily fall.

Instead, always move it.

And Bailey recommends using ladders with wider legs at the bottom to help with stability.

He said climbing on the roof is probably the most dangerous part of decorating. So make sure the roof is dry when you decide to put up those lights.

“And one of the other things you should always be careful of when doing lights is if it’s raining or wet outside you should not handle the lights cause if they’re plugged in they can shock you,” Bailey said.

He also suggests wearing hiking boots when working on top of your roof or on a ladder.

You also should give yourself enough time to do the decorating so you're not rushing.

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