SBCSC board members elected after close race

NOW: SBCSC board members elected after close race


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Throughout the last 3 days, the South Bend Community school board races were too close to call.

A final batch of about 15,000 mail-in ballots were counted Thursday, and by the end of the night, results were finally in and board representatives were announced.

“I tried not to be anxious but quite frankly I was,” South Bend Community School Corporation District 4 Representative Stephanie Ball said. “I knew that there were more ballots that were the absentee mail-in that were in need to count so I was fully aware of that and it is nerve wrecking to be first of all, to even put yourself out there as a candidate but to see the numbers not be in your favor at the onset.”

“Anxious. That’s the best word to use, just wanted it to be over you know? Kept checking the numbers, refreshing even though I know it wasn’t reupdating. It was know just wanted it to be over,” South Bend Community School Corporation At-Large Representative John Anella said.

District 3 Incumbent Leslie Wesley keeping her seat warm, being re-elected and winning in a close race against William Sniadecki by only 17 votes.

District 4 Incumbent Stephanie Ball also being re-elected, winning in yet another close race against Annette Malone and Conner Stinger. Malone was only 15 votes behind.

At-Large Incumbent, John Anella, whose been on the board for 6 years, sticking out another 4 years alongside new board member Jeanette McCullough who’s taking the place of Rudy Monterrosa. Derrick Perry, Desmont Upchurch and Faye Anglin also were candidates in this race.

“It’s a huge relief and then it’s honestly just back to work! We’ve got so much stuff to do, there’s so many things in front of us and you know we will have one new board member (Jeanette McCullough) and we’ll welcome her,” Anella said.

“There’s high anxiety at the national level but local level is just as important and you know we all worked hard doing what we did and so I’m glad that the results are in my favor,” Ball said.

Elected board members said that they were impressed with the historic turnout this election.

“They came out. People came out even during a pandemic even during these stressful times it was still an important duty and people exercised their right in their duty,” Ball said.

“Love it. Democracy in action is a beautiful thing it’s just great to see that basically we had a month of voting and to have so many people engaged in the process is just a wonderful thing,” Anella said.

Anella and Ball added that they’re just ready to get back to work!

“I think everyone’s focused on the task at hand and ultimately that’s increasing literacy, making sure all of our kids are reading at grade level, graduating from high school that’s we don’t have any D or F schools and if we just stay focused on that, we’ll be okay,” Anella said.

“It’s keeping that energy around working to improve the school corporation. That’s what’s important you know it’s always what’s important, no matter who’s you know sitting in the chairs on the school board. It’s that work that continues,” Ball said.

ABC57 reached to Wesley and McCoullough for comment but they have yet to respond.

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