Scam Alert: Think twice before sharing the RV giveaway Facebook post

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. — RV companies across Michiana have been made aware of the Facebook posts going around claiming that they were giving away a top of the line 2020 RV.

The Facebook post asks people to like, share, and comment to win an RV. But, it turns out that giveaway is a scam that attempts to obtain information from users.

Jayco, Newmar, and Motor Coach were all targeted by the scam. Each company put out a statement on their Facebook page, alerting users that the post is fake and there is no free RV giveaway.

The Marketing Manager at Newmar, Shannon Stover said if the giveaway was true the company would have marketed and promoted the contest on their official website.

If a giveaway is not coming from an official brand website or social media page, it’s most likely not real. Stover said these sites can be dangerous and people need to be careful because scammers could obtain important personal information.

“What these types of scammers are doing, is trying to gather data by having you participate in this thing and that’s what they’re trying to do, gathering data and once you engage with them, they’re taking your information,” Stover said.

If you think you’ve come across a scam on Facebook, don’t share it, instead report it to Facebook by clicking on the 'Something's Wrong' tab.

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