School Board of Trustees announce pay raise for Mishawaka support staff, substitute teachers

MISHAWAKA, Ind.—In a press release Wednesday evening, the School Board of Trustees for the School City of Mishawaka announced the unanimous vote to raise pay rates for support staff and substitute teachers.

Increased pay rates will affect hundreds of support staff which includes custodians, food service workers, secretaries and bus drivers.

The increases in pay were between 2% and 6.5%, with an average pay raise of 3.5%.

Substitute teachers will also see pay raises and bonuses.

For retired teachers who substitute teach, their daily rate will rise from $90 per day, to $100 per day.

The daily rate for other substitute teachers will rise from $75 per day to $80 per day.

Also, teachers in the Mishawaka Schools will receive a $300 bonus after every 30 days they substitute teach.

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