"School's Open--Cool your engines": a reminder about school zone safety

The school year is kicking off and city officials want to remind residents about school zone safety.

The project, “School’s Open--Cool Your Engines”, is underway and offers safety suggestions to both students and motorists.

"We want you to cool your engines. Its time for you to take it serious. The lights are flashing in school zones, we want you to slow down. Mishawaka is predominantly a walking school district, our children walk to school and we want them to get there safely." said an officer.

The Mishawaka fire department will be sporting ‘cool your engines’ signs on their firetrucks. 

Mayor David Wood and Mishawaka school superintendent, Dr. Dean Speicher, will be joined by Mishawaka Fire Department and Mishawaka police officers to announce the preparations for safety week and the opening of local schools. 

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