Second hole found at Mt. Baldy

INDIANA DUNES NATIONAL LAKESHORE --Investigators working at Mount Baldy have found a hole in the surface of Mount Baldy that is approximately 10 inches in diameter and appears to be 5-feet deep.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Park Service have been using sensing equipment to look for anomalies, gaps and holes in Mount Baldy since Monday.

A 6-year-old fell into a hole at Mount Baldy in July and it took rescuers several hours to dig him out.
Since then Mt. Baldy has been closed.

The hole that was found was not created by human activity and is believed to have naturally formed. Samples of sand from the hole have been collected and will be analyzed.

Additional equipment is being brought in to take samples from various depths of the hole and from the area around the hole. Investigators say the samples could provide the dates of the sand deposition under the area of loose sand.

Mt. Baldy remains closed to the public until further notice.

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