Selfies to be used in life insurance

NOW: Selfies to be used in life insurance


Selfies could soon determine who gets approved for life insurance.

A company in North Carolina has created face analytic technology to help providers predict lifespan.

The tool is called Chronos, created by Lapetus Solutions Inc.

It measures photos for wrinkles, lines, weight and more.

Additional information such as life history and demographics will also be entered.

The tool will also prevent photo alteration or using photos of someone else.

It could get users approved for  life insurance in under ten minutes.

Typically there is a waiting period and requirement for a physical exam.

Dr. Ebonee Davis of the South Bend Clinic says she isn’t surprised at this development.

Davis says you can actually tell quite a bit from just by looking at someone’s face.

“They may be at higher risk for skin cancer. They may be, smokers, tend to have more damage to their skin. Obviously obesity shows up well on camera,” Davis said.

The doctor says this might even help the struggling life insurance industry attract younger customers.

“It’s not going to be your sick people who are going to be looking at this,” Davis said.

The technology is already being marketed to insurance companies.

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