Severe Weather Prep: Finding your Safe Spot

SOUTH BEND, IND – Getting information quickly and having a plan are the two most important things during severe weather. With Spring 2020 Tornado Drills canceled because of the COVID-19 emergency it’s on us practice and prepare.

How do you get your weather alerts?

We told you in our Inside The Storm series, storm sirens are the least reliable and effective way to get your warnings. Why rely on cold war technology in 2020? Having the First Warning Weather App set to FOLLOW your location and receiving push alerts are important. It’s also important to have more than one way to get warnings and know how to get more information if needed.

Where is your Safe Spot?

This is the question we ask elementary students every year in Project Tornado. Have you practiced you storm drill at home? This is something you should practice, especially if you have children. Storms don’t always strike during daylight hours and the power can go out. Practice makes the real situation less scary and more routine.

Your Safe Spot is away from windows, on the lowest level with as many walls between you and the outdoors.

Similar rules apply if you’re in an apartment building, your Safe Spot might be outside your apartment on a lower floor.

Mobile homes are NOT safe during a tornado. Is there a safer location or shelter you can get to in five minutes or less? If the answer is NO, whenever a Tornado Watch is issued consider leaving for a safer location you could ride out severe weather based on the timing of the storm threat.

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