Sewer crews make sure citys drains working properly

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- As the snow melts, all of that water has to drain properly. ABC57 went along with Mishawaka sewer crews as they cleaned out drains to make sure the melting snow has someplace to go.

Joe Sutherland has been working for the Mishawaka sewer department for nearly six years

He says you know it’s time to grab a shovel to clear off the drains when the weather changes from snow to rain.

"The water wouldn't flow. It would be penetrating out to the middle of the street which would make driving hazardous,” said Sutherland.

They use their hands to clear debris from inlets and catch basins.

When the drains are clear, the water flows to the same place.

"Then it hits the combination line which is sewer slash water and it flows to the water treatment plant and it gets processed,” said Sutherland.

Sutherland says the sewer crew cleans drains throughout the year, whenever it's necessary.

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