SJC voters "Meet the Candidates" at last forum

NOW: SJC voters “Meet the Candidates“ at last forum

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - People living in St. Joseph County had one final chance to "Meet the Candidates" at the last forum hosted by IUSB's American Democracy Project Tuesday night.

The primary election is now two weeks away.

30 candidates in the contested primary races and contested general election races spoke to hundreds at the St. Joseph County Public Library, hoping to finally sway voters their way.

“I think this year’s primary is pretty big for our area and just for our nation actually," said Lety Stanton-Verduzco, who lives in South Bend.

Constituents and candidates alike in St. Joseph County are feeling the weight of May 8 (the primary election).

“There’s something about that we live in a democracy, and I think there’s something very important about preserving it, and that it’s under threat. but tonight, I thought I saw a democracy at its best," said Bruce Heustis, who also lives in South Bend.

The American Democracy Project is certainly proud of its community. 

The director says there's been a record turnout at every forum and debate.

“In the primary election, it’s even more important in some ways to hold these forums, particularly when the seats are contested so that we can actually hear from the candidates and compare them side-by-side," said the Director of the IUSB American Democracy Project, Elizabeth Bennion.

“You’re looking for authenticity. You’re looking for candidates capable of imagination," said Bruce.

“There were definitely a few candidates where I wasn’t really decided, and so I’ve been trying to go to as many of these events as possible to really just hear what they had to say, how they react to others, but also to be able to ask questions afterwards to...make my final decisions going into the primaries...Some of my decisions were made tonight yes," said Lety.

You can compare candidates' answers side-by-side by visiting the Vote411 site.

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