'Small Fish, Big Pitch' showcasing 10 entrepreneurs with chance to win $50k

NOW: ’Small Fish, Big Pitch’ showcasing 10 entrepreneurs with chance to win $50k

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- A chance for entrepreneurs in Southwest Michigan to win up to $50 thousand in marketing funds in a Shark Tank inspired competition – it’s called ‘Small Fish, Big Pitch.’

10 contestants took the stage at Shadowland Pavilion on Wednesday and one at a time gave their best sales pitch in front of a judges panel and audience.

It was hosted by economic development agency Cornerstone Alliance and marketing firm Holt-Bosse, who together narrowed down the field to nine contestants who had the chance to walk home with either $20 or $30 thousand, or the grand prize of $50 thousand.

They said it’s already evident these businesses have perseverance given they’re still here after the pandemic, but they’re looking for plans on sustainability, growth potential and community involvement. 

“We want this is be an avenue that’s going to catapult them into the stratosphere to doing more pitches in front of investors, lenders, potential partners,” said Brandon Campbell, Director of the Women’s Business Center at Cornerstone Alliance.

Once the three winners are picked, the marketing help will start immediately. 

“Tomorrow morning we’re going to start that process, shoot out emails and get meetings scheduled, and we’re happy to lend an ear to those who didn’t win to point them in the right direction and provide tips,” said Patrick Bosse, Co-President of Holt-Bosse.

Cornerstone Alliance live streamed the event via Facebook.

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