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Snowy weather listed as another reason not to drink and drive this Super Bowl Sunday

NOW: Snowy weather listed as another reason not to drink and drive this Super Bowl Sunday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Police departments listed snowy weather and icy roads as another reason not to drink and drive on Super Bowl Sunday. Local bars listened to this message and advised bar goers to take a ride share or designate a driver. 

There's been busier afternoons at Mitch's Corner Sports Bar on North Ironwood in South Bend. But owner Mitch Zultanski says the crowd will change closer to kick off. 

"We'll get a decent crowd," Zulanski said.

Football fans celebrated Super Bowl LII  with a beer. But with each drink served at Mitch's, comes a message: don't drink and drive. 

"If they’ve had too much to drink, we don’t want them on the roads," Zultanski said. “We always encourage to call Uber, Lyft, a taxi. Just last night alone we had six cars in the parking lot when I got here this morning of people who got rides home." 

And Zultanski says with snow and ice covered roads in the forecast, that messaged will be pushed harder. 

“Being bad weather tonight. It’s only going to make it worse," said Zultanski.

Local law enforcement agencies agreed. They said alcohol and icy road don't mix. They advised fans to designate or be a sober driver, use public transportation or a ride sharing service, celebrate at a place where you can stay until you're sober, or make sure there are non-alcoholic beverages and plenty of food. 

Zultanski said those are good tips. He added he'd rather see customers pay for a cab than a D-U-I.

"That five or 10 dollars you spend on the ride is a lot cheaper than the five or 10-thousand that you get for the D-U-I.,” said Zultanski.

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