Social media reaction to "Memories Pizza"

ABC 57's Facebook page has been blowing up with comments after we aired the story about Memories Pizza Tuesday night.  

Some of the reactions we're seeing on Facebook this morning include:

Brandon Craven, "Its not a "lifestyle" and not a choice.. The majority of hoosiers know this and dont stand for discrimination and pure hate... They wont get my money. Funny how unchristian so many Christians have become."

Tyson Myers, "I wonder if they'd cater to someone's 4th or 5th wedding... Or to anyone that has ever committed a sin? They can keep their slice of hate. I don't ever care to go there."

Mike Dailey, "Pretty sure choosing to deny a group for any reason is discrimination."

And  that's just one side of this debate that's heating up as more people and business owners speak out about the law.

After our story aired last night, on Facebook the owner of "Twice As Nice Resale Site" in Bass Lake left a comment saying she supports “Memories Pizza” and  thanked her followers for the support of her pro RFRA stance.

Responding with, "we believe the same way."
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