Solar Park coming to Argos

On its face, some may consider Argos a small, sleepy town, but soon it will be home to a high tech solar park.

Dan Worl with Indiana Municipal Power Agency said on a hot summer day when everyone is cranking up their air conditioners, power generators need more horsepower.

Which forces companies to buy more power from the grid, which can become costly.

”What we are going to see from the solar is it will help us reduce those peak demands, and shave those costs," aid Worl.

It's going to take $1.3 million to transform the Argos field.

It will look similar to the solar park in Rensselaer, in nearby Jasper County.

”There's really not pollutants at all," said Worl.

The town of Argos is backing greener technology and seem to be going all in.

Mark Vanderweele, the Argos Town Council President  is on board as well.

“Our comprehensive plan of trying to maintain and grow our industrial development in the last two years we have purchased 75 acres of industrial development property," said Vanderweele.

He hopes projects like this could attract more business to the small town.

Some business owners agree with the project

“I think it's a very good idea, I think anything green is going to be a help to the community," said Julia Campbell, owner of Images salon.

While some in town, still have a few questions.

"My big question is and the one I had at the town board meeting is there really enough sunlight in Indiana?" said Chuck Calhoun of Argos.

Experts say, despite gray Michiana skies, there is enough to make the solar park worth it.

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