Solutions to bed bug infestation in South Bend

NOW: Solutions to bed bug infestation in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind - Robert Gary first found bed bugs at his home in Laurel Woods Apartments last June. He claims property management didn't start spraying for bed bugs until the end of September.

“One crawled under my door. That led to me having to throw out beds, box springs, and furniture," said Gary.

ABC57 has confirmed Laurel Woods is continuing to treat for bed bugs.

But in March, last year, former South Bend Common Council Member Henry Davis Jr. proposed a bed bug ordinance that would have required landlords to quickly handle these infestations.

“We had a number of housing units, subsidized housing units, that had this very problem, this infestation," said Davis Jr.

The ordinance would have required tenants to notify landlords of any bed bug sightings.

Then, within four days, landlords would need to get an inspection, and treatment would begin five days after an inspection confirmed bed bugs.

Landlords would also have been barred from renting out infested properties.

The ordinance never passed. 

“If we can't provide a safe and clean atmosphere for residents, children included, then what are we doing?" said Davis Jr. 

What's Gary doing? Waiting for the problem to be solved.

Common Council President Sharon McBride said the bed bug ordinance hasn't been discussed under the new council.

Renters can report infestations to the St. Joseph County Health Department.

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