Some residents blaming homeowner for explosion

INDIANAPOLIS -- The home explosion that leveled part of a block and killed two people has some people blaming the homeowner.

But the homeowner said she is also a victim in the deadly explosion.

Moncy Shirley's home exploded killing her neighbors Dion and Jennifer Longworth.

Shirley left for the weekend with her boyfriend and her daughter stayed with friends.

Shirley's ex-husband said their daughter sent him texts saying that the furnace in the house was not working, so they had been staying at a hotel.

A move that some people are now questioning.

But Shirley denies any wrong doing.

"These people lost their life. I lost my house. Everybody lost their house," Shirley said. "It's devastating and people keep asking me questions and questions like I know something. I don't know nothing. I just left my house like I always do."

Shirley says she's talked to police several times since the explosion.

She is not considered a suspect. And the police are not considering a suspect at this time.

Investigators remain uncertain about what caused the explosion.

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