Some South Bend residents got to be doctors for a day

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --It’s not every day that the patient becomes the doctor, but Wednesday some people got a chance to try their hand at surgery.

Memorial Regional Cancer Center offered free “test drives” of its Da Vinci Robotic System.

Don’t worry; no one was hurt instead the “surgeons for a day” used a mock display to see if they had what it took to operate.

The system allows doctors to perform a less invasive surgery.

David Hornbeck, a Radiation Oncologist at the center said, “With the use of good excellent cameras, magnification, and lighting, they can actually see much better in there and remove the tumor very precisely."

The Da Vinci System helps treat a number of conditions from head to toe.

The robot “test drives” were offered as part of a free prostate screening clinic.

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