South Bend Common Council to change food truck ordinance

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Common Council introduced, on Monday, a couple of changes to a 2015 ordinance regarding food trucks.

The proposed changes would extend the window of time a food truck could park in and allow owners to test out certain spots they think they’d have the most success.

The original ordinance only specifies that mobile restaurants have to purchase a $525 license to operate in their designated spot. However, one food truck owner said that parking should also be a part of these changes.

“Tomorrow we’re going to have to find another parking place and people aren’t really going to get where we’re at,” said Douglas Murray, Weiner Shack and Grill owner.

Jill Scicchitano, executive director of Downtown South Bend, said that food truck owners, her organization, and the Common Council worked together to create these changes.

She said it allows for flexibility, food trucks will have less restrictions and more time. She also said people are in support of the changes, because it continues to add vibrancy and a cool dynamic to the city.

“I just want to say that they people of South Bend have been really receptive and they’ve been happy with the food trucks scene,” said Murray.

Voting for these proposed changes will happen July 10.

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