South Bend Community Council will vote on common sense gun laws

NOW: South Bend Community Council will vote on common sense gun laws

The South Bend Common Council will vote on a resolution that calls on state and federal legislators to support common sense gun laws.

This resolution is hoping to protect citizens from gun violence while honoring our second amendment rights.

According to the South Bend Council, this event was organized because of the recent epidemic of gun violence near the Northwest neighborhood. The common sense laws are called Resolution for Gun Safety.

On Sunday march 12, the council put together a community meeting aimed at educating the community on how to stay safe when dealing with guns.

This after there was a shooting on Portage and Yukon, leaving multiple people injured and costing someone’s life. 

There are four main things included in the resolution.

Background checks on all gun sales: in Indiana only licensed gun dealers are required to do a federal background check.

Keep guns out of the hands of abusers: this prohibits domestic abusers and stalkers from buying or possessing.

Keep requirement for conceal carry permits and keep guns off school campuses.

On Monday the council will vote at 7 p.m. right in the South Bend Common Council.

According to the council this will be a pivotal event in the call for common sense gun legislation.

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