South Bend couple helps raise donations for Michiana charity

Michiana fitness members came together this weekend to give back while working out in South Bend. It was the last day for Full Circle Nutrition’s business on Saturday before they become Happy Healthies in February, so the owners of the fitness club decided to go out with a bang.

“We made this decision less than a week ago and we were like what could we do to better our community, what are we passionate about,” said Kyle Ingle, Co-Owner of the former fitness club, Full Circle Nutrition.

Passion, drumming, and giving back, some South Bend folks spent their weekend incorporating all of the above at what was Full Circle Nutrition. The fitness organization is relocating and renaming from their Sample Street location to a new spot on Ireland Road in South Bend.

But before saying goodbye to their old building..

“We figured we’d go out with a bang and contribute to the community,” said Jena Ingle, Co-Owner of the former fitness club, Full Circle Nutrition.

They drummed and donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Michiana.

But for Jena and Kyle ingle, this class was personal.

“Our son in 2014 was hospitalized for weeks so we actually spent time at the old location at Memorial Hospital,” said Jena Ingle.

4-year-old Carson was their inspiration for Saturday’s class.

“He just turned two at the time and he had what we thought was the flu and all of a sudden it kept progressing and getting worse so we went to the hospital. We were with the Ronald McDonald house of Charities that’s how we were introduced to what they do and what they are,” said Jena Ingle.

And with the help of their friends and fitness members…

“How fast can we get it turned around, Kyle reached out to the lady there, and we got a bunch of signage, got participation,” said Jena Ingle.

They were able to raise $500 for the charity.

As for their new location and new name…

“Definitely gonna continue exactly what we do, helping people and bringing more value to the community,” said Kyle Ingle.

The couple says they plan to carry on the same goals at their new place once they open in February, keeping in mind the youth and veterans organizations as they have been doing.

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