South Bend Cubs super fan just 10-years-old

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - We first met 9-year-old Kali Morris back in September, a Silver Hawks and Chicago Cubs super fan who was devastated to think Swoop, the Silver Hawks mascot, may no longer be at Four Winds Field. But now she's got a reason to be twice as excited.

"We have Swoop in a South Bend Cubs t-shirt and then we have Stu the Bear," said Morris.

I met up with her at the team store where she told me she couldn't be happier to see her two favorite teams coming together.

"It's just like Christmas in April. All the Cubs signs that we see it's just so awesome," said Morris.

And the most exciting part for this super fan is getting a first glimpse at the newest addition to the team.

"I get to see Swoop and Stu. I've seen a picture of Swoop but I have not seen Stu yet," said Morris.

But if she had to pick between the two, she does have a favorite.

"I'll always love Swoop."
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