South Bend Fire Department receives pornographic photos in the mail

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Police Department is trying to figure out who sent some naughty photos to one of the local fire stations.

Police still have not said exactly what was in the photos, only that they are pornographic. Firefighters say this is something new. They says they are use to getting thank you cards or letters, but nothing like this.


The person who sent the two pornographic photos used the fire department's pre-paid postage envelopes, which are usually given to people so they can mail back their ambulance bill payments.


The two photos were sent to the station, each photo in its own envelope. Since the photos came from the department, both the fire department and police are still trying to figure who and why someone would send the photos.


After receiving the inappropriate photos in the mail, the newly-appointed Fire Chief Stephen Cox filed a police report with South Bend.

ABC 57 News tried to find out more information about the photos, but Chief Cox did not want to comment further since it is an ongoing investigation.


However, with limited information about the photos, it is still unknown if any laws have been broken. Police say it all depends on who is in the photos and if that person gave their consent.

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