South Bend flooding strikes again, and community bands together

South Bend neighborhoods hit with standing water and flooding, yet again. The ongoing rainfall and upcoming storms next week has delayed home repairs and construction.

Like before, the South Side of South Bend got the brunt of it.

Kim Latson and her husband are in the process of repairing their home, so they can move back in.  Over four feet of water in their basement and the rest of their house from August's flood, forced them to leave.  But Friday night's rainfall and more storms on the horizon are putting a damper on their progress. 

"We don't have a choice, we have to move forward" Latson says. "It's a chance we're going to have to take that we could possibly have more damage again if it continues to rain."

 But they're not in this situation alone. Latson says they are "very fortunate to have a lot of people who are willing to give their time and help us rebuild."

John Bordner is one of those people. He's helping his friends to make sure their home is livable again.  

"If someone doesn't step in and help, what are they going to do?" Bordner says. "What would I do if this happened to me? I would hope somebody would help me."

Bordner says that he is worried that the continuing rain may ruin their repairs.  "We're afraid to spend all that money and this could happen again," he says. 

But Kim Latson says, there is silver lining to this cloud. She says people are checking in on each other and helping any way that they can.  She adds, "its created a closer knit community because everybody is looking out for each other now."

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