South Bend kids celebrate Christmas with the Fremont Youth Foundation


The Fremont Youth Foundation hosted a Christmas celebration for local kids at the Success Academy on Tuesday night.

The group focuses on supporting kids who live in the Fremont Park and Beacon Heights neighborhoods and educating them about violence. They hold Street Smarts Book Club every second and third Tuesday of the month.

On Tuesday they sang Christmas carols, ate pizza, read books and got to fill up their backpacks with new school supplies.

Kimberly Clowers, vice president of the Fremont Youth Foundation, says they are hoping to prevent violence in the community by providing kids with positive choices.

“We have to stop the violence so that’s what we’re here for. We want to keep these kids current on what’s really going on and make sure that they make the best choices and know that they’re loved,” said Clowers.

If you are interested donating or volunteering with the Fremont Youth Foundation, click here.

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