South Bend kids "Shop with a Cop"

Thirty children from the YWCA filled their carts at the South Bend Meijer store with presents for themselves and family members with help from their favorite shopping buddies at the St. Joseph County Police Department.

“My favorite thing is going shopping for toys,” said Neena.

On Thursday night 8-year-old Neena of South Bend was on top of the world.

“We wanted to help kids that are in need this time of the year,” said Lieutenant William Redman of the St. Joseph County Police Department.

Neena was one of thirty local kids given $200 Meijer gift cards to spend on holiday gifts for her and her family.

The fifth annual event was all about local heroes helping those in need and building their bond with local kids.

“Anything we can do to help build our relationship with young people is a positive for us as police officers, there’s situations that occur where a lot of times they see police officers during bad situations and we try to make it a positive situation by taking the kids and building that partnership with young people,” said Lieutenant Redman.

According to Neena, “Shop with a Cop” was mission accomplished.

“They’re so kind and respectful and they’re nice and they’re fun,” said Neena.

“It’s important because it’s that time of the year that’s about giving. It’s heartwarming to see them sharing that Christmas spirit as well this time of the year,” said Lieutenant Redman.

Although Neena filled her cart with Barbie dolls, pink pajamas and a new pair of white furry boots, her favorite purchase was also in the spirit of giving.

“I got a picture for my mom,” said Neena.

For information about how you can help the YWCA, click here.

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