South Bend opens first official dog park

South Bend residents, both two and four-legged, finally have an official place for all things canine.

On Wednesday, South Bend’s Parks Department announced the city’s first official dog park, located along Niles Avenue at the East Bank Trail.

For years, residents in South Bend have voiced the need for the city to invest in space for their furry family members.

South Bend residents are pleased that the park is officially dog friendly and now it will be up to the council to bring even more dog parks to the city.

 “This is a big victory for the dogs,  I’ve been going to the Mishawaka dog park for a long time, this dog park here is convenient, its local, it’s great to see my dog be able to socialize, get a lot of exercise in plus it’s a good place to network and meet a lot of people that have the same hobbies and activities,” said Erik Mathaban, a South Bend pet owner.

The council will present a resolution at their next meeting that would form a committee to explore opportunities around the city for more off leash dog parks.

If approved, the city could see many more off leash parks.

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