South Bend Police officer retires after 51 years.

NOW: South Bend Police officer retires after 51 years.

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- South Bend Police Officer, Kenneth “Doc” Milliken retired Tuesday after 51 years of service in the department. Milliken first joined the department in November of 1968.

Milliken’s beat was primarily the eastern side of town, specifically the River Park Neighborhood. “I’ve been in River Park every day, every day since ’83,” said Milliken.

During his time as an officer, Milliken was most known for his ability to make anyone he came in contact with smile. “If I can turn around and walk away knowing I gave it my best shot and they’re either smiling, or thanking me, or just grinning from ear to ear, I’m happy,” said Milliken.

Milliken’s almost four decades on the River Park beat earned him the nickname “The Mayor of River Park”.

“I’ve been called ‘The Mayor of River Park,’ but now it’s time for somebody else to take over,” said Milliken. “I’m getting to dislike politics.”

Milliken says he’s most looking forward to spending time with his grandchildren in retirement.

“I’ve got a five year old grandson who’s just chomping at the bit,” said Milliken. “He can’t wait for me to get him out in the woods to show him how to hunt.”

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