South Bend police officers buy presents for family burglarized before Christmas

NOW: South Bend police officers buy presents for family burglarized before Christmas

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- South Bend police officers bought a family new Christmas gifts after their home was burglarized on December 23.

A South Bend mother and her five children were out roller skating on the day before Christmas Eve, according to the South Bend Police Department. When they returned to their home on East Bissell Street near Eddy Street they found their home had been ransacked.

“To steal presents from a child from five kids and a hard working mother,” said Sgt. Angie Kline, SBPD Midnight Shift Supervisor. “That’s just low.”

A report shows police were dispatched for a breaking and entering call. The thieves stole money, food, clothes, toys, and a phone, according to the report.

“I think it’s really messed up,” said Tristan Atchison, who lives nearby. “A lot of parents don’t have the money, they were fortunate enough to have gifts but they were stolen and I’m glad they were replaced.”

Sgt. Kline surprised the mom by buying new presents and dropping off food to stock up the fridge. She said she had read what happened to the family in a police report on the night they were burglarized and it broke her heart.

“I told her on behalf of the Midnight Shift and as well as the department,” Sgt. Kline said. “We would like to present some of these gifts to you.”

Sgt. Paul Daly helped with the operation and said he went back to the home on Christmas Day to see the family’s reaction.

“She was very happy I could see some of the toys in the house,” he said. “She said the kids were having a great time and actually had something to open on Christmas.”

Sgt. Daly said when the police show up at a person’s door that person may be apprehensive.

“But we’re there to serve citizens and to help them,” he said. “We really care about our citizens as Sgt. Kline said.”

Sgt. Daly and Sgt. Kline said they are both parents. Kline said it was her duty to help this family in need.

“I’m sure that anybody else, a lot of other people that I work with probably would’ve felt the same way,” she said. “I just happened to catch that report and look at it.”

An official with SBPD said the case is still under investigation. If  you have any information on this crime, call SBPD.

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