South Bend Police release body cam policy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The South Bend Police Department released its body cam policy following a Freedom of Information Act Request from ABC57.

The purpose of using recording equipment is to record interactions between officers and members of the public, the policy states.

At the beginning of each shift, uniformed officers must check their equipment to ensure it works properly, and must record their name, ID number and date.

Officers are expected to record enforcement stops and field interviews and any other time a recording would be useful.

Those using the recording devices are not allowed to make copies or distribute copies of the videos.

All recordings will be kept according to state law, a minimum of 190 days after the date of the recording. State law details instances where recordings must be kept longer.

For example, if a recording is used in a criminal, civil or administrative proceeding, the recording must be kept until final disposition of all appeals and order of the court.

The videos that are recorded can be reviewed by supervisors to investigate alleged misconduct, meritorious conduct or to review job performance, according to the policy.

Recordings can be released pursuant to the department's Records Maintenance and Release Policy.

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