Local activist, recording artist shot in South Bend on Sunday

NOW: Local activist, recording artist shot in South Bend on Sunday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. —- On Sunday morning, the South Bend Police Department responded to shots fired on South Michigan Street near Ivy Tech Community College. 

According the department, officers found a 23-year-old man with wounds to the foot and upper leg. On Sunday night, that man identified as Blu Casey spoke to ABC 57 News. 

“I said this can happen to anyone,” said Casey. 

Casey, who is now recovering at home with family, said he was shot in his foot and side. He said spent two hours at the hospital before being released. 

A doctor told Casey there is still a bullet in his foot that they will determine if they can take out on Monday or Tuesday. 

“My boy Blu Casey got shot though,” Gerardo Orozco said in a Facebook video. 

The video shows the aftermath of the shooting and the now-bullet riddled home on South Michigan Street. Casey said at 10:30 p.m., couple of hours before the early morning shooting, there was a party in the house. 

According to Casey, the party approximately ended around midnight when police officers shut it down. Casey said around 2:30 a.m. two men knocked on the window and asked if there was a party going on. 

Casey, who said he was working in his in-house music studio, told the men ‘no.’

“When I said uh nah nah bout the second time they got to shooting,” he said. 

Police said only one man shot at the house. Casey said he believes 16 shots were fired. 

Casey said the incident happened so fast. He said he didn’t see who the shooter was because when he saw the gun he immediately ducked for cover. 

“If I would tried to hit the corner and run upstairs we wouldn’t be doing this interview,” he said. 

Casey is a locally known recording artist and activist, who found himself in the middle of the very violence he works to stop in the community. He said this shooting was not gang-related. 

“We not out here selling drugs or anything like that,” Casey said. “We actually trying to make money and make music so we can push our dreams and you know people don’t like that.”

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