South Bend snow depth highest since 2011

NOW: South Bend snow depth highest since 2011

Winter is trying its' hardest to fit an entire season into two weeks time.

Most of Michiana picked up 6 inches of fresh snow from our latest winter storm, with some reporting of 10 inches across Fulton and Kosciusko counties.

A lot of that snow is still on the ground as of Tuesday night, and not going to be melting anytime soon. Most of Michiana has AT LEAST a foot of snow depth. In South Bend, that number is up to 16 inches, which is significant. The last time we had more than 16" of snow on the ground was January of 2011.

And, it's not just Michiana dealing with a large snowpack. 47 out of 50 states have some snow on the ground. 

While a few snow showers are possible on Thursday, Michiana's next chance to add to our snowpack will be Sunday. Stay with ABC57 News as we fine tune that forecast and for the latest updates. 

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