South Bend Symphony Orchestra returns for the first time in 13 months

NOW: South Bend Symphony Orchestra returns for the first time in 13 months

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It is refreshing to imagine the sweet sounds of the symphony, and now over a year later, the community is once again able to enjoy the music!

The South Bend Symphony Orchestra has put life on pause for 13 months. Musicians left to play in their homes, missing the stage, and the people missing the music. Now, this Saturday, the symphony will once again take the stage at the Morris. However, it will look a bit different.

The audience is limited to 500 people, and practicing mask wearing and social distancing. The orchestra is also seated distanced from one another and wearing masks. While musicians being distanced from one another adds a challenge to live music, the orchestra is still thrilled to share art with the community.

“We have essentially been playing for ourselves, in our homes, for the last 13 months with no opportunities, so to get an opportunity to come and share the healing power of live music with the audience again and with ourselves, it is going to be completely overwhelming,” says Alastair Willis, Music Director of SBSO.  

Even the oboe soloist made a special mask which allows for her instrument to reach her mouth while still limiting the spread. For the musicians, all of this effort worth taking for the musicians because of the power of live performances.

“Our arts and culture are a part of life, and we have been restricted to that this year mainly through TV and internet and this has been a savior I am so grateful for the musicians, the actors, the performers out there the artists who have given us something we can watch on our computers, I do not know if we could have made it without that,” says Willis. “But sharing a live performance is communal, it is a connection, it is enriching our souls”

With the 5 remaining concerts, 3 of those will actually be outdoors for the first time ever at Four Winds Field to be able to welcome even more people to the music! Tickets for Saturday night can be found here.

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