South Bend Transpo provides updates on frequent ride cancellations

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Due to ongoing staff shortages, the South Bend Public Transportation Corporation has recently been forced to cancel scheduled rides throughout the week. 

Transpo has released official reasoning as to why cancellations are becoming more common. 

As an organization, Transpo runs around 400 trips Monday through Friday and about 170 trips on Saturdays.

The number of trips missed daily varies depending on available staff for each day. 

According to the American Public Transportation Association, 96% of agencies are currently experiencing a workforce shortage, while more than 80% report that these shortages are affecting their ability to provide service.

62 full-time drivers are needed to maintain full service, although the corporation currently has just 51 full-time and two part-time drivers, according to Transpo.

In November alone, around 10.5% of total trips were missed as a result of these ongoing shortages.

While four drivers began training in late November, the training process takes around four to six weeks to complete.

Anyone interested in becoming a driver can fill out an application or apply online here.

Transpo provides daily updates on their Facebook page on what rides will be running and which will be unavailable.

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