South Bend will explore possible food and beverage tax

The South Bend Common Council will continue to explore the possibility of a food and beverage tax.

With a 7 to 2 vote,  the resolution led by the Potawatomi Zoo was passed at Monday’s City Council meeting.

The zoo hopes to receive $37 million as a result of the tax increase to go towards improvements.

Those improvements include fixing infrastructure issues and adding new exhibits and animals. 

The $37 million they need translates into a quarter of one percent tax increase on food and beverage in the city. 

Although most everyone at the meeting said they were “for” the zoo, not all were on board with the tax.

But representatives from the zoo say they’ve thought long and hard about this and it’s worth it.

“The zoo society when it comes to you with something significant like this we do our homework, we do our due diligence,” said George Horn, President of the Potawatomi Zoo.

As for the council, they say, although the zoo has done their homework and they’ve led the way in requesting this tax, there may be other organizations that deserve part of it too. 

“We need to be clear that this resolution is not targeted to the zoo specifically,” said Councilman Randy Kelly.

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