Spotify asks ND professor to create playlist for the conclave

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A University of Notre Dame professor is playing a unique role in the selection of a new pope. The professor has been asked to create a music playlist for the conclave.

John Graf, a musician with the Congregation of the Sacred Heart, says music is essential to prayer.

"Prayer music can definitely touch the senses, touch the soul can really, I don't' know what it does, but it can, it can do some things. It can add a lot,” said Graf.

It's because of that powerful emotion that Notre Dame's Director of Liturgy and Professor of Theology, Dr Tim O'Malley helped to compile a special playlist.

Spotify asked us to do a playlist for the conclave, some sort of playlist that would be listened to by all sorts of people interested in the conclave who wanted to pray for the church during the conclave,” said O’Malley.

The 20 song compilation has hymns, psalms and songs to encourage prayers for the new pope.

"These sort of images of love, of unity, of prayer, of the holy spirit descending on the church during this time are images that we focused on and so our music is focused on these images,” said O’Malley.

During such an unprecedented time in the Catholic Church, parishioners and theologians say prayer is crucial.

"My plan for today is to make it to mass and to pray for the pope and pray for our church and that's why I'm here,” said Graf.

The playlist is available on Spotify under Conclave: Institute for Church Life.

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