#SpreadTheLove bringing smiles to seniors

NOW: #SpreadTheLove bringing smiles to seniors

GOSHEN, Ind.— Friends and strangers are stepping up to allow a local artist to continue #SpreadTheLove and bring joy to those feeling the effects of the pandemic.

ABC57 first brought you this story last week when we introduced you to Julia James who sang to residents at Greencroft and Courtyard nursing facilities.

Once Lindsey Scott saw her story, she went and bought 200 plus paint markers to go and draw residents favorite things on their windows.

For two weeks now, Scott has been going daily, weather permitting, to continue working on the 110 windows each with individual residents and wishes.

“We have a little of one wing to finish and then just one wing left!” says Scott.

For Scott, this experience was never about the money however after a few weeks of going through dozens of markers, the supply cost can add up.

“Were right around $400 what we’ve spent so far” ventured Scott.

All the mean while others were also watching and paying attention to this story.

A friend, Brittany Purdie, saw the video of Julia James singing and then Scott’s art and knowing herself how art supplies can add up, she went to Facebook.

“Basically I mentioned in a post that the little items add up” says Purdie “but so do the little donations.

Purdie added on a PayPal and Venmo name to the post so that  others could donate if they wanted to help.

“Within hours I had people donating to the cause” says Scott “I think about 10 people have donated and it ended up being around $160.”

This outpouring of kindness has allowed the #SpreadTheLove movement to continue and even expand!

Scott went to a friend’s grandmas house on Wednesday afternoon to draw on her sliding glass door and to spend some time safely with her.

“Then for a good friend of mine who is a travel nurse, she doesn’t know it yet” says Scott “but I actually went and decorated her window for being a front line hero.”

The window reads, “Not all Heroes wear capes! Some wear scrubs. We love you! Thank you!”

The nurse’s family even requested a yard sign to show their support, which Scott was happy to make.

Scott says the experience so far has been incredibly humbling and there are no words to describe the immense support she has felt other than: thank you.

When all of the stay at home orders are lifted and we are able to go and visit one another again, Scott says she hopes to go back to the Courtyard to visit and meet all of the residents she was able to connect with over the past few weeks through the simplicity of exchanged smiles and window art.

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