Spring 2020 temperature outlook

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The spring temperature outlook is here, and the season could be slightly warmer than normal.

Looking at the last few years, the trend is that we stay close to the normal temperature for the season of 48.6 degrees. Last spring, we were two degrees below this value. This is likely because in 2019 there were more clouds and rain, which didn't allow temperatures to warm as much. The values in blue are below normal, while gray is normal for 2017, and orange is above normal.

Another way to measure spring temperatures is the number of days that got to 70 degrees or warmer. Last year, we were about normal, with 23 days like this. 2015-2018 all had more 70+ degree days than normal.

Across the nation, spring temperatures have gotten warmer since 1970. According to Climate Central, 81% of areas analyzed saw warmth in spring temperatures over the past 50 years. These areas are highlighted in red.

Climate Central

This is not the case here in South Bend. Since 1970, spring temperatures have stayed steady. While some seasons are warmer or colder than others, the general trend is that spring temperatures have remained the same.

Climate Central

That could change this season, as temperatures are forecast to be above normal. Winter 2020 was one of the warmest on record, and early March temperatures have already been slightly above normal. Our temperature outlook for the entire season is to be slightly warmer than normal. This means that when we see a temperature of 59 normally by April 15, we could be a few degrees warmer. Similarly, by the time we hit May 15, temperatures will be warmer than the normal 70 degrees.

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