Spring break causing donor shortage of O-negative blood

Jessica Royce

Saginaw, Michigan -- Health officials said spring break is affecting blood donations and now they need your help.

Hospitals across Michigan currently have a great need for O-negative blood, the universal blood type.

Beginning Monday, April 3 through Saturday, April 9, anyone who donates with O-negative blood at a regional Michigan Blood Donor Center will receive a $10 Target gift card in the mail.

"Spring break has a major impact on collections," said Carleen Crawford, director of communications and marketing for Michigan Blood. "Schools and universities, which are host sties for many mobile drives, are closed. And many families leave the state for the spring break vacation, which affects donations at our fixed sites and corporate donor sites."

O-negative blood is often used by hospitals in emergency situations when the patient's blood type isn't know.

Only 7 percent of the world's population has O-negative blood, so their donations are even more important.


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