Spring time snow

WARSAW, Ind. – It is the end of March and Spring is supposed to be here, but it seems winter is not ready to leave Michiana.

It is spring time, but it sure does not feel like it.

“I always have to scrape the windshield and get some of the snow off,” said Jim Gause.

“It is so cold out here,” said Dave Wood.

Folks in Warsaw gave compliments to their road crews for dealing with this late winter.

“They have been doing a really good job.  I have not had too many problems,” said Wood.

“They are prepared and they do a pretty good job,” said Dan Netzley.

But neighbors like Dale Wood want to know what is going on with this weather.

“Last year this time, it was actually pretty decent.  We could be on a lake or a boat right now,” said Wood.

Neighbors say they are sick of the snow and ready for the sun to finally come out.

“I am done shoveling.  I have had enough of it.  My back is sore,” said Wood.

Jim Gause says there is only one thing he is happy about this winter and it definitely is not the snow.

“We are celebrating an I. U. victory.  That is the only good thing about winter, basketball and I.U.,” said Gause.

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