St. Joe students take part in technology showcase at state capitol

NOW: St. Joe students take part in technology showcase at state capitol


LANSING, Mich. -- Some “paperless” homework cleared the path to the state house for six St. Joe Upton Middle School students as they attended the 17th annual student technology showcase in Lansing on Tuesday.

Emma, Jack, Morgan, Winter, Micah, and Ruby met up with hundreds of Michigan students in the Rotunda of the state capitol building.

During the event put on by the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning, were dozens of projects demonstrating coding, web design and even robotics.

“It’s fascinating to see what today’s students can deliver with the support of effective curriculum, instruction and technology. We are excited to help showcase student interactions with 21st-century tools and ideas, so policymakers, educators and the public can fully appreciate the things now taking place in classrooms across Michigan,” said Mark Smith, MACUL executive director in a statement.

Those policymakers included representative Christine Greig, Senators John Proos and Ken Horn, and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

“STEAM: Science, technology, engineering arts, and math; those are really core subjects that help with problem solving. It creates jobs, it helps quality of life it helps our cities be stronger, it’s just really a core to the future,” said Greig.

The lawmakers are in agreement, it all boils down to the future that starts with our youth.

“We need it all. And these young kids have these opportunities and what better way than to teach them right from the get go? We are making sure these kids get a great start,” said Horn.

The organizers of the showcase said the event is growing at a tremendous pace.

Smith added if this year’s showcase was any indication of the future, it is clear that Michigan students will lead the way.

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