St. Joseph County-City building gets new security measures

NOW: St. Joseph County-City building gets new security measures

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - New security measures are being added to the St. Joseph County-City building, intended to keep both employees and the public safe.

One of the changes is a separate employee entrance into the building, which will only be accessible to those with a valid ID.

Another notable change is the addition of different officers patrolling the building.

Whereas the building used to be patrolled by officers from the St. Joseph County Police Department, the county hired contracted officers from Trinity Security for both armed and unarmed security services.

The changes are due to the efforts of county commissioner Derek Dieter.

“We have about 400 employees a day and probably another 600 people will come through the door to all the offices city and county, so we just want to make it safe for both the employees and the people coming in,” Dieter said.

County police continue to serve in county courthouses.

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