St. Joseph County provides updates on COVID-19

NOW: St. Joseph County provides updates on COVID-19

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- During a weekly press conference with St. Joseph County leaders, South Bend Mayor James Mueller said we haven't hit the peak yet, so reopening our local economy might take a little longer.

"Here's a bit of disappointing news. The models are suggesting the peak here may be later than we had talked about. Late May, early June is probably the earliest the optimistic time frame for re-opening," Mueller said.

He said a robust contract tracing program needs to be in place before the economy can open back up. He said by the time we have 14 days of declining numbers, the plan should be ready.

Mueller says while they're working to reopen local businesses, it will likely come in stages.

Local health officials had some good news. They say hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients in the county have decreased and test results are coming back faster.

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