St. Joseph County teens say drug use is 'common' among peers

Two St. Joseph County teenagers are recovering after they were taken to the hospital Sunday. Police say the 19-year-olds called 9-1-1 for help after ingesting mushrooms and smoking marijuana.

This comes one week after two Granger teenagers died of a possible drug overdose.

Teens across St. Joseph County said drugs are everywhere and are easily accessible.

“I remember one time I saw crack. I see marijuana. I always see that,” said 16-year-old Joe Prestly.

“Morphine pills, ecstasy pills…” 19-year-old Antonaja added.

These are just a few drugs they said they have been exposed to during their teenage years.

“When you go to high school it's all around you,” Prestly said.

Prestly is spending his summer interning at the Charles Black Center.

He said he likes to work and keep busy.

“The more busy you are, the more active and you stay away from all that,” said Prestly.

Prestly is growing frustrated with drug use amongst his peers.  

Antonaja said she isn't surprised.

“At prom this girl was throwing up all over the floor because she had popped an ecstasy pill. And like her body couldn't take it,” Antonaja said.

“If you go down that path you can't really make something out of your life if you're always doing that,” Prestly added.

Teenagers said many teachers and staff members are naïve to the issue, but don't know how to reduce the drug the abuse. 
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